Set in a perfect spot by the church, with the camper van on stand-by for endless cups of tea, four of us were ready for the influx of keen treccies as they arrived at the checkpoint…for us, it was a busy time because all the classes had to come through where we were. Luckily, the weather held off and time flew by as they all trundled through. We had some interested members of the public as some questions about what we were up to, and a couple seemed surprised by it all.

Once we were back at the venue, it was time to chill before having a walk around Sunday’s PTV course and then an excellent meal which was followed by some first class fun with karaoke! Would have been fun to go on all night but we all had to be up in the morning ready for the PTV.

Being on the low branches was a lot of fun. We got a great view of much of the course, and with the low branch obstacle, an element of keep fit was involved with the hiring and lowering of the branches.

Lunch was again provided for the judges and with everything running smoothly and to time, the competition drew to a close with presentations following later. With our own beasties to tend to, we couldn’t stay for the presentation, but we got a great insight into how a big event was run and how the judging was dealt with.

Next time, the aim is to ride it!

Donna and Pete.