Report kindly provided by Andrea Tyrrell

Thank you to everyone for making me welcome at my first ever Trec competition, I arrived on Saturday afternoon with my Dales pony Connie and soon had her corralled, then had lots of help during the PTV course walk from TD Claire, Caroline and others, then back at the corralling field I found I was soon taken into the fold and made to feel part of the Trec family. A lovely communal meal of pizza and cake followed. My partner Jane and her pony Ebony, who we had met at a training session a few weeks earlier, arrived on Sunday morning, it was her first time too, so it was the blind leading the blind. Our map reading was not the best and we went wrong several times and missed 2 tickets on the POR but we had a lovely ride and made it back in one piece. Connie tackled the PTV calmly and gave it her best, giving us a respectable score, despite a few rooky errors from me, what a lovely course.

Thank you to the ladies who lent me various bits of kit, especially Sue who kindly lent me her body protector enabling me to do the PTV when I discovered mine was out of date, I actually had several offers. I have never met a more friendly, helpful and welcoming bunch of people anywhere, making the weekend really enjoyable, if tiring, can’t wait for the next one now.